• Reliability

    When dealing with sensitive and important projects, you need an ally you can count on the first time, and every time. Lucent Group has a solid reputation for being that partner. We look forward to being our clients trusted confidant through times of change and growth.


  • Experience

    With over 20 years of experience in Intelligent Transportation Systems, Lucent Group personnel have extensive experience including, but not limited to: planning, design, construction, integration information technology, operations, and maintenance. The diversity of our team allows us to provide overall support on multiple levels, is the key to our unique perspective and ultimately the success of our clients.


  • Life Cycle Support

    Our approach lies in the full life cycle of ITS Devices and IT Systems; from integration to maintenance, we work with our clients long term. We provide professional design, installation and long term service through our highly qualified, well trained and equipped team.


  • Cutting Edge Technology

    Technology is a business enabler. Lucent Group is passionate about innovation in IT and Intelligent Transportation Systems. We utilize the latest technical methods and software available to integrate new technologies while leveraging legacy systems. We combine cutting-edge concepts with more traditional notions and meticulously implement them with sensitivity to appropriate environment and conditions. The resulting solutions have paved the way to considerable success in business.


Solid Solutions. Exceptional Client Support.

Lucent Group, Inc. is an established consulting firm, providing a wide array of services to clients in the Intelligent Transportation Systems industry and beyond. From conceptual design and planning support to maintenance and staffing, we offer beginning to end operational support. We also offer myriad custom solutions to optimize and expand growing traffic management systems and operations centers. We focus on producing superior work and developing innovative concepts. We all take pride in providing our clients with quick, responsive service and worthwhile solutions that work.

Mission-Critical Operations Support

We offer a wide range of services to support regional traffic management centers (RTMC) and mission critical environments.  Our dedicated  team provides strategic guidance, technical expertise and project management services that enable organizations to achieve the high level of performance required for  vital operational centers.

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

Intelligent Transportation Systems employ technology to ensure effective utilization of existing roadways. This is done through the use of CCTV cameras, vehicle detection devices, and Dynamic Messaging Signs; all work together to inform the public of any incidents which may impact traffic and safety.  Our Firm has extensive experience in the deployment, utilization and maintenance of ITS systems and devices.

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Information Technology  Systems

Our institutional knowledge provides us the understanding we need to design proactive systems with robust platforms that meet the demand of 24/7/365 Control Centers. We offer  a number of services tailored to elevate the network availability, performance and security  of critical  IT environments.  The systems are designed not only to meet the technical  requirements of our clients;  but also to ensure a reliable, cost-effective and highly scalable infrastructure that is prepared to address all existing and future operational demands.

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